Monday Mourning

It’s been a hard few days in the autistic community. So much pain. Again.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what to write and honestly I don’t have the words. I cannot even begin to make sense of what I’d like to say. Instead of adding my voice to the conversation about Issy, I’m going to share some of the pieces that have impacted me over the past few days. In case it’s not obvious, these are all very difficult reads that talk about abuse of disabled children.

Again, We Mourn by Amy Sequenzia

Bodies and Behaviors by Michael Scott Monje

Where was I when Kelli needed help? by Beth Ryan

Dehumanizing by Ariane Zurcher

It Is Wrong to Murder Your Autistic Child by Judy Endow

Adult Responses to Autistic Children Lead to Escalation or Calm by Brenda Rothman

I’m turning off comments on this post and encouraging those who read any of the above to respond to the authors directly.

Links to resources:

Emergency Information for Autistic People and Parents/Caregivers/Others by Paula Durbin Westby

Emergency Information for those in the UK by Liam (thank you to Nat for the link)

Fact Sheets for Autistic Victims of Crimes and for those who work with Autistic Crime Victims (scroll down a couple of screens for the PDFs)