Book Giveaway: Ultraviolet Voices – Stories of Women on the Autism Spectrum

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It’s time for another giveaway!

The past few weeks have been really hectic, so no new posts this week but I do have some books to giveaway. Late last year, I was invited by Autism West Midlands to contribute to their anthologyย Ultraviolet Voices – Stories of Women on the Autism Spectrum (more details about the book). It’s a collection of narratives, each 1ย chapter in length, most written by women on the spectrum, meant to shed light on the difficulties related to being seen and understood as an autistic girl or woman. There is also artwork, poetry, an interview and some background research. I’m Chapter 2! ๐Ÿ™‚

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I have 5 copies to giveaway and to keep it simple, I’m going to choose 5 random comments from this post. To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post telling me about something that’s making you happy today. That’s it! Everyone is eligible to enter, including international readers. You have until Sunday evening at 5 PM EST. ย Ready? Go.

Oh! Wait! I have a question for you all and this seems like a great place to ask it – how many of you would be interested in doing another set of make-our-own survey questions to answer? Kmarie wanted me to do a surveyย about traveling and a while back someone else suggested a survey on another topic. Maybe it’s time to do another survey series?

174 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: Ultraviolet Voices – Stories of Women on the Autism Spectrum”

  1. Today has been an incredibly long day that actually started yesterday morning. I’m feeling so happy that for at least the four hours I’m on this particular bus, I don’t have to share space with anyone. Also joy coming from the knowledge that I’ll see my fiance and kitty tonight when I’m HOME.

  2. Something that’s making me happy… Well, it’s Friday! And a posthumous volume of Octavia E. Butler’s stories just came out ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I think crochet is perfect therapy for people with Asperger’s. I love the repetition and the ability to drop eye contact and retreat inside myself for a while to rest from social contact, which is so tiring!

  3. Today I’m happy because my youngest daughter is at school and my oldest has gone shopping with her dad. I’m blissfully alone, drinking tea and reading. Oh, and the sun is shining.

  4. Slow breakfast before starting the day: oatmeal (with cinnamon and raisins) and coffee sitting within reach as I stare at my computer. Quiet before the conveyer belt of the day sweeps me up.

  5. I am happy that my 18 month old, who only says mama & sometimes dada, added a new word yesterday….that word is “computer”!!

  6. Firstly, definitely a survey series – I’ve really enjoyed them in the past and they’ve been great at making me feel like I’m not alone. It’s the ‘hey, I’m like that’ or the ‘hey, I do that’ moments and they’re so important when you’re finding your feet in Aspieland.
    And secondly, what’s making me happy today? Well my dog’s excitement at the sight and smell of the liver fudge I made her this morning! Nothing can beat that happy dog look ๐Ÿ™‚ And the way that every time I go into the kitchen to get a cup of tea she thinks I’m going there with the express purpose of getting her another piece (yes, it normally does happen!). She provides me with love and a feeling of safeness, I provide liver fudge. I think we’re both satisfied with the trade.
    Plus I’ve mastered the Greek alphabet (ancient Greek) and am getting there on a few verbs. It’s slow progress (partly because I get distracted so easily) but the Greeks & Romans are ‘my thing’ and I’m determined to teach myself Greek to a standard where I can pick up a text and read it in the original. I feel like I’m achieving something and that’s boosting my confidence. And anything that does that makes me happy!

  7. And the nice delivery man from DHL has just turned up with my two Greek items – vocabulary flashcards and a book on how to pronounce it. Now I can relax.
    (Even without the book giveaway this is a great idea – it’s cool seeing what everyone else enjoys doing)

    1. I’m glad you have a nice delivery man – that makes getting packages even better. I just got my package delivered from a letter carrier who is subbing on this route. He first assumed I wasn’t home and left a signature slip in my box, so I chased him down the street, and we got into a conversation about why he likes his job, and his reasons were that it’s honorable, old-fashioned, and old people talk to him who normally wouldn’t! Wonderful! Such a great day off!

  8. What’s making me happy today is my little one off to school on non-uniform day in his NASA spacesuit costume! ๐Ÿ™‚ that and hopefully getting a few hours off work this weekend to try and relax.

    And by the way thanks to your blog (or FB can’t remember which) post about contributing to this book a while back I had a look at their other resources, some great stuff on there!

  9. My son attends YMCA full day summer camp – lots of fun for him, but also lots of kids and lots of sensory input. He’s a sensory seeker, but he has his overwhelmed times too. Two things to be happy about – the counselors, even though they aren’t super familiar with autism, “get” him, and work with him to get through the overwhelm times. The morning counselor told me today that he TOLD her it was much to loud, was holding his ears because it was too much – and she was able to find a calm place for him and help him breathe and calm himself. AWESOME – self advocacy AND understanding. YES!

  10. I’m happy to see that your essay has been published! Your blog posts are always awesome, so I would love to read the book as well.

  11. Today I’m happy because I have an unexpected work-from-home day, which means I get to be in a quiet place with my cats, instead of an open office next to a very chatty group. And it’s Friday, and it’s raining!

    1. Do you know Or rainy cafรฉ? There you can get the sound of rain no matter the actual weather outside. I love rain too!

      1. I’ve downloaded some rain & storms onto my iPod – it’s great to shut my eyes and pretend it’s pouring outside. But a real life seriously heavy rain session when you can just sit indoors and watch it can’t be beaten

        1. I like to go out in it, when I can. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          My mom raised me and my siblings with ‘rain walks’. When it rained hard enough, she’d take us all on a walk down to the fire station and back, which was a few blocks. The rule was that we had to jump and splash in every puddle we saw. When we got home, we had hot chocolate. She’s keeping the tradition going with my nephews and they love it! ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. Your mum sounds cool. Mine was the sort to insist you walked round puddles so you didn’t get wet and, heaven forbid, dirty! No wonder I’ve yet to grow up and will happily jump in puddles ๐Ÿ™‚

          2. Yes! Walks in the the rain. When I was a child and later a teenager, my mother, sister and I would go out for walks when it rained. If there was thunder and lightning, all the better – especially at night. My father and two brothers thought we were stark raving mad.

            I still get a thrill from storms. My home is high on a hill overlooking town, and any time there’s a thunderstorm, you’ll find me outside leaning on the safety rail on the front verandah enjoying the show. My wife thinks I’m stark raving mad.

            1. Storms are amazing. I love how different the air and light feel and look (there’s a different clarity to everything before, during, and after a storm). And a different, exciting smell.

              1. Standing at a beach in the middle of a storm is gorgeous, watching the wind become visible on the water … And absolutely yes to the clarity.

              2. The thing I notice most often is that after a rainstorm, there’s something about the light through the clouds that makes all the leaves and the grass look a really intense, kind of gold-undertoned shade of green. I love it.

            2. I love thunderstorms, but we don’t get too many of them where I live, sadly. I have seen some pretty fabulous ones, when I lived in Germany, and once in Hawaii, when I was annoyed by the wind and thunder keeping me awake but really enjoying it at the same time.

  12. It’s Friday! Also, a dear friend is in town that I haven’t seen in about a year and I’m meeting him after work at one of my favorite restaurants in town. ๐Ÿ™‚

    This book sounds wonderful. Congratulations on being a part of it!

  13. I’m happy to read what’s making other people happy – it’s a nice complement to the sunny walk I was able to take on what is, this week, a day off. I’m happy that the sheep a neighbor keeps came over to the fence to get some friendly scratches on the nose, and that the kids on the playground who were swinging higher than I could believe didn’t flip over or fly out of their seats. And I’m happy to see that a package I’ve been anticipating is “out for delivery” today! A good way to end a challenging week. Happy also to hear about the new book – “ultraviolet” is such a pretty word-concept.

  14. I’m happy because it’s Friday, which means capoeira class with nice people and that we’ll have a mini-roda (the circle the actual game of capoeira is played) which I look forward to a lot – less than two hours until my favourite class of the week starts ๐Ÿ™‚ And the corn flowers on the roof in front of my kitchen window are finally blooming, they add some lovely, happy colour to our urban place!

  15. Happy and travel are the same topic for me today. I have been planning and preparing to move into a travel trailer and live a nomadic life. I had been fretting about how to do it and finally decided yesterday that there is a sort of flow-chart with three possible ways things can go between now and spring but that no matter which way they flowed, I am DEfINITELY going to start my travels in the spring of 2015! I am nervous, but I am excited! (And very happy!) And the uncertainty is difficult, but having figured out the contingencies makes the uncertainty less uncertain (if that makes sense) and I can make flexible plans with all three potential outcomes in mind.

    And so I’m happy to be moving forward in my quest for a nomadic life and happy to have a concrete time in the plan and happy that, this spring, I will meet the man I am in love with in person for the first time! We have been “dating” long distance for two years and we will finally spend our third anniversary with each other!

    So, yeah. Happy!

    1. How truly wonderful, on both counts! Congratulations, and may your adventures bring you liberation and joy!

  16. Today my happiness is based on the existence of a 14 year old Lab. He’s old now and I believe his days are numbered to a few at this point but this dog has taught me more about love and acceptance than any other thing on this earth. His love and acceptance have been all encompassing, he calms my soul and grounds me in what is important, the here and now. He has been my buddy from day one and I have been his, a goofy puppy who was born to be an old soul, Reilly Mac my love.

    1. The giraaaaaffe! How ever am I going to accept another color combination for a giraffe? I was meaning to crochet a giraffe. And the boy, of course, is adorable and I want to cuddle him.

  17. Yay for surveys!
    Well … what is making me happy today? I just came back from a trip to the library, which is nice. My challenge of studying every day for 21 days is going well so far. I’m on day eight. But my favourite thing today probably was talking about all and nothing with my best friend for quite a while – we’d had a row a few days ago about our different expectations of our friendship, but we’re making progress again.

  18. I’m happy today because I caught the first waves of the year! Body-surfing tiny North Sea waves in the shallow, shallow, coastal water beside the endlessly broad beach right on the border between Belgium and France.

  19. I’m happy because after work today I get to spend the evening with my dad. We’re going to eat supper and watch Criminal Minds together while I knit another square of my fabulously geeky throw.

  20. One thing that made me happy today was having time to read about others perspectives on life and hear the (albeit fictional) experiences of those who have more struggles in life yet can see positives.

  21. It makes me happy that you are considering surveys!:) LOL…It also makes me happy that every day upon waking my youngest says, “Good morning beautiful mommy” and if my other two hear me up they excitedly exclaim, “Mommy’s awake!!!!” ( I had no idea 11 and 8 year olds would be so excited to have me awake every day!) I don’t know why it’s so exciting but since I homeschool I get it EVERY morning…and it makes me incredibly happy….an excellent way to start the day!:)

    1. That is so nice. How fab to start every day on a positive like that. All I get is my dog trying to shove me out of the (my) bed so she can hog the whole thing!

  22. Happy can be fleeting with so much stress but at the moment my cup of coffee and the kids getting along for the time being is making me happy.

  23. Something that makes me happy today… Complaining that while it’s summer time, I still have to wake up early (while pregnant and extremely fatigued) to get my children off to school while NT kids are out playing and swimming. Then to realize that I am lucky to have such a great program and clinic that my children are blessed to get amazing therapy at. And what can make you more happy than to know your children are in great hands and will have the best opportunity for a bright future.

    1. That’s great that you’re happy with the program. I’d love to know what components make it so helpful, from your perspective. That said, I hate to ask a question on a day when you might rather rest, and whether you answer or not, I’m glad for you and your kids.

  24. It makes me happy that I’ve just finished a preposterously complicated loom band with my daughter without throwing it all out of the window. I’m a loom band success!

  25. Yes, please, re: another survey series! Those are both interesting and helpful.

    What’s making me happy today is an embroidery design I started stitching last night, and which I’ll stitch more on today. It’s on a pillowcase that I’ve been embroidering for my own self (rather than being a gift for someone else, which is usually what I do with embroidery!).

    1. That’s a good point because sometimes it can be hard to recognise yourself in a set of ‘must present x of these characteristics’ – being able to read about others means you can go ‘yes, here I am, this is where I fit in’. I know it’s made a huge difference to me over the last few months.

  26. Happiness today? That’s me beginning a two-hour LEGO stop-action version of the Pirates of Penzance!

  27. So many things are making me happy today … But one of the big things are that the kids in kindergarten literally was fighting to come with my 4-year-old son (with autism & ADHD) home for a playdate. My son really wanted to take them all – but as he has had playdates both Wed & Thursday I said no, and I kind of expected him to blow up – but he just said ‘you’re right mum, you are so sweet and caring’ … My jaw dropped to the floor ๐Ÿ˜€
    He’s 5 years old in a month and some times I am completely blown away by his maturity. At the same time he is wearing diapers and every attempt to get rid of them has failed. I love him all the same, mature or immature โค
    Hugs from Denmark,
    Gitte K

    1. There are some real ahhhhh moments in these comments, it’s lovely. I almost wish I had kids. (But not quite as I don’t think I’d handle the not-so-ahhhh moments that well!)

  28. My mom and I went to the doctors today because she didn’t think my meds were working for me (they were making me grumpy and sleepy) and she told the doctor that I was diagnosed with ASD / Aspergers which is a big step because for the last 3 years she hasn’t said anything about it and now I feel we can take steps in the right direction for building a better relationship. This made me very happy today. Also I got an extra timbit from Timmies which was great. ๐Ÿ˜€

  29. I’m happy because my three year-old son who is on the spectrum was able to engage positively in a library circle time for 30 minutes today. Even more impressive, he was able to tell me when he was tired and wanted to go home, rather than throwing a tantrum. Happy, proud Mommy today. ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. So HAPPY today as I saw my beautiful Aspie granddaughter for the first time since April. We have such a strong bond and it was a beautiful moment when we hugged each other as if we would never let each other go. I am desperate to have all knowledge of what it is that you can help me with so that I can help this most amazing young lady in her struggles in life. Thank you for your insights.Christine from Australia

  31. Happy today because even though I suck at job interviews, I have been offered a position and will meet on the 7th of July to hammer out details!

  32. P.S. Cynthia…I just saw your book! I love the cover- its beautiful!!! I am going to pre order it this week as I ADORE all your writing…My husband says the title suits me:) LOL. SO excited for you!!!

  33. And I’m happy because I lost another pound this morning (still a long way to go to get rid of all the pounds I previously lost and stupidly put back on by eating (very tasty) rubbish – grrr self) and because I’m managing to join in here really well for a change instead of reading and not quite replying to anyone. I guess I find it easier to join in when it’s a general subject where there’s no rightish answer, just opinions.

  34. I’m happy because I’m going to release another novel next week! I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while. ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Not only am I on the spectrum, but my teenager D is, as well. I am happy because this morning D said to me “I have been feeling scared lately because so many things are changing right now.” So we talked about some of those changes, and how much control he has over them (postponing learning to drive, etc.). And then I told him “I’m so glad you are able to talk about what’s bothering you. I could never do that at your age.”

  36. I was offered a Malamute puppy today, my next door neighbour’s lovely Malamute has pupped ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. What’s made me happy today:

    Sitting crouched by the pond watching newts, water-beetles, and frogs through the clear water. Surrounded by a circle of hazel trees and with gentle rain falling. I am completely hidden in there from the other terrace gardens, and the rain muffled the rest of the world. There are insect larvae that hang at the top of the pond and if I poke the water they wriggle quickly away then slowly come back. I saw 6 newts at the same time but suspect there are several more. The frog was the dark brown one with pretty near-black patterning. It was at the bottom for a while then sat in the watercress with it’s head above water.

    I hadn’t discovered the blog last time you did the surveys so I am intrigued.

  38. What made me happy? It rained earlier today, then the sun came out and everything looked and smelled fresh and clean with clear, bright colors.

    Another survey series sounds great. The last one had some really insightful and helpful responses.

    1. So do squirrels: keep finding oaks sprouting in the garden where our local squirrels have buried acorns and then forgotten about them. Many plants have evolved to require intervention by birds, animals or insects for the pollination and dispersal of their seeds. Indeed, some plant species are unable to reproduce without a particular co-evolved symbiote. This kind of thing is why biodiversity is so important — the loss of just one species from a particular ecosystem can have a detrimental effect on many others. (Might have gotten a little carried away here: on the verge of info-dumping.)

      1. I’m thrilled that you mentioned this aspect of biodiversity. It brightened my day, reminding me of one of the important arguments that aren’t, in fact, so obvious, regarding sustainability. It’s also just a beautiful fact of nature to contemplate. Thank you!

  39. Today I have been voluntarily working (alone ๐Ÿ™‚ ) in our village churchyard. I really enjoyed doing the work and getting exercise but what really made me happy was experiencing the awesomeness of a thunderstorm while outside, the change in pressure and getting wet.
    I’ve not taken post in a survey…it sounds interesting ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you, Tracey

  40. I’m happy because it’s Friday, which means back to my parents’ house and my cat (the one in my Gravatar) for the weekend, and she was delighted to see me, and we had lots of nuzzles.

    Yay for the book, and yay for new surveys!

    ๐Ÿ™‚ tagAught

  41. I’d love to read this as I am a teacher and I know that AS presents differently in girls. I have much to learn.

  42. Something that made me very happy today was a letter from a good friend. She is on the spectrum and we met last year around this time at events during Autism Pride Week. She sent me a colorful page with her motto on it: be kind. be gentle, be brave, be simple. She also wrote me a wonderful letter. We text, write and now have started exchanging letters with drawings. We enjoy spending time together too. Connecting with her is magical and brings me much happiness.

  43. Sounds amazing! Today I am happy because yesterday I came out to my parents as being autistic, and no-one’s head exploded. And my mother said, “But that sounds just like me, and I don’t think I’m autistic. … Do you think I am?” and I said, “Well, actually…” and it turns out my Dad knows who Temple Grandin is and liked the biopic about her.

  44. Today, I am happy that I was able to spend the day laughing with one of my closest friends before we move from the East Coast to TX.

  45. I have found happiness in lots of things today: walking through a beautiful treed city up a valley by a river to my friend’s house, having my dear friend who is terminally ill make delicious pancakes for me as she was having a good day and really wanted to, meeting her mother and sisters and not feeling overwhelmed, a beautiful flight on a clear day over snowy mountains and green plains to my home, seeing my dogs and cat again, and pre-ordering Cynthia’s new book (thanks Cynthia, can’t wait!). Am now sitting by the fire with a cup of tea, soon to be a glass of wine while I watch a dvd. Blissful day.

    1. I’m so touched that people are preordering the book. It’s a bit of a dream come true to be published so that’s been making me happy for the past few months.

      Also, you must be in the Southern hemisphere or at a high altitude to be seeing show today. It’s been so interesting hearing about all the different things people around the world are experiencing on the same day.

  46. A survey about travelling sounds like a great idea! I just came back from Denmark a few weeks ago and the flight over there was like a nightmare (due to no fault of the airlines). I was trying to research the problem (flight phobia and SPD/aspergers etc) before I was due to fly home again, but didn’t find anything that was relevant. On the contrary, most of what I found had a lot of irrelevant assumptions built-in, such as that on-board-flight-attacks has to do with specific thoughts (e.g. that the plane may crash) or is mainly pre-flight phobia (preventing one from flying) and I have none of those issues yet suffered from intense panic most of the way on all 3 flights (had to get oxygen and was checked by ambulance people in the destination airport… was barely allowed to get on the third flight ect… it went extraordinarily bad). My triggers are sensory sensations (pressure changes? not enough space to move? too crowded?) during the flights with add-on anxiety about executive function issues in airports (desorientation/has no overview, trouble spotting relevant details and remembering all the procedures when drowning in sensory inputs, etc). I also don’t feel that “panic attacks” quite covers it – although I very much had that – it doesn’t quite cover the physical side of it, feeling very unwell but perhaps it does. So… altough I rarely travel I would love to read whether others experience similar issues and if they have any solutions/tips for long flights (mine was about 29 hours incl. waits in airports).

    (above was unusually bad. I had to go suddenly to Denmark because a close family member suddenly died… and had trouble getting the paper/passport etc sorted in time, that I’m sure worsened it a lot. I always have issues with flying / small panic attacks, feeling unwell, navigating in airports, … but never that extreme before)

    What makes me happy today: to play with the dogs (it always does!), and having some nice soup.

    1. This sounds quite exhausting and even traumatizing. I wonder if perhaps the upsetting (I presume) reason for your trip and the unplanned nature of it made the flights especially bad?

      I put up the survey questions post. Will you transfer your question over there so I don’t forget to include it? I think the specific question of how people cope with long trips/flights is one that a lot of would benefit from hearing about and also the question of coping with panic attacks in unavoidable situations, which could have applications beyond traveling.

      I’m glad you’re safely home and able to enjoy your dogs and your soup. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. I wonder if perhaps the upsetting (I presume) reason for your trip and the unplanned nature of it made the flights especially bad?

        Yes, I think that was a strong factor in why my usual coping strategies didn’t work.

        Travel Questions:

        – Do you experience problems with long flights?

        – If yes, which aspects are most problematic? (which travel stages: e.g. planning, navigating airports, flying, unfamiliar surroundings at the destination etc – and which problematic factors: e.g. sensory overload, executive function issues, anxiety / panic attacks etc)

        – How do you cope with long flights? (what are your coping strategies)

        – How do you cope with panic attacks in unavoidable situations that you can’t leave, such as during flights?

        (Please pick & choose, and feel free to rephrase my perhaps clumsy formulations)

  47. Today my family was having some landscaping-type work done in our backyard, so we had our dogs staying at my grandma’s house for the day. For basically the whole day, I kept expecting to see my dogs every time I turned around before I remembered that they weren’t there. So I was REALLY happy for her to get home so I could pet her as much as I wanted.

    As for the survey series – sure, I’d be interested, although I don’t have anything in particular I’m wondering about.

  48. I am happy today because I am visiting some if my grown children this week. I also get over a week off work. My daughter-in-law is expecting her baby girl and I can’t wait to meet her! Also I soon will see my daughter who lives in Mexico. Basically I am happy overall because I am thankful for my 9 children and 4 + 1 grandchildren. God is taking good care of us through our trials and shows us his love and care.

  49. Iโ€™m happy today because Iโ€™m spending the day with my three year old baby girl, crocheting, and relaxing. Going to make cupcakes in a little while! Watching a pair of Cardinals build a nest on my front porch. Good day!

  50. My happy moment for the day so far was snuggling with my 4 yr old Norwegian Forest cat, Bjorn, before we both really “woke up” for the day.

  51. Would love to read the book. I am happy today because we are celebrating my parents 50th anniversary.

  52. I am happy that I am off from work for the week and get to spend time with my kids and cats (furkids)!

  53. I’ve had a lovely happy day with my granddaughters at a birthday BBQ. The youngest one is nearly 2 and I suspect she is going to be diagnosed on the spectrum in the future…. she won’t go to or look at anyone expect her parents and me (think as I am autistic she feels comfortable sharing her space with me). Anyway I was carrying her back to the car and I spotted a baby rabbit (rabbits are her absolute favorite thing) the bunny was so young it didnt even know to be scared of people…when I pointed it out to little un she squealed in delight and yelled “rabbit” so wonderful to see her innocent joy ๐Ÿ™‚

  54. I’m happy today for being able to have a day that I don’t have to do anything and I can get some cleaning accomplished.

  55. Today, I’m happy because I’m planning my summer vacation.
    I met a new friend online who lives halfway around the world, and he’s coming home for a month. I managed to convince him that we should meet. He’s aspie, like me, and has never met an aspie friend in person. At first, he was hesitant. Then as we continued our daily conversations, we happened on a common interest… this changed his mind, as a whole new realm of connection opened up. I’ll be meeting with my new friend! We’ll be exploring education, ethics, childhood development and awareness in the light of autism. Good times ahead ๐Ÿ™‚

  56. Right now what’s making me happy is packing the 4 men off to a hurling match and savouring the peace and quiet, just me and my daughter, together, alone ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. I just came out of a 6 month long depression. The little things are making me happy again. I just woke up today. But yesterday I had a job interview at a women’s shelter.

  58. I’m happy today cuz I’m gonna spend all day with my partner and go to a party and possibly make new friends which is rare! Also I love surveys and filling out forms so I’m all about that.

    โค keep being awesome.

  59. Something to read in and explore in the summer cooling room. I’m happy that I got up early and out a bit today. Grateful to have comfortable temperature and light controlled room and some interesting things to do here on one of these record breaker hot days.

  60. I’m happy that my daughter is having a play date today with a friend who now goes to a different school. They haven’t seen each other in several months and she’s so excited!

  61. Today I’m happy because my 12 year old daughter is proud of herself for working hard to learn to type to communicate. Her joy is all around us!

  62. I’m new at this and am trying to learn more about other people in the spectrum, particularly women. Thank you

  63. A travel survey sounds great it’s the thing I find hardest in life and about being on the Spectrum. I am glad there are resources for us women. I also like Tania Marshall’s work. She is in Australia though.

  64. What makes me happy today is that as a woman on the spectrum, I SUCCEEDED in spending the past year moving across the country and getting my dream career…

    And there are many people at the company who are also on the spectrum, so I can communicate normally instead of qualifying everything I say for tone! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Also I get to program things โค

  65. I realize this is something weird about me even as an aspie, but I truly enjoy taking surveys.

    I’m writing this in bed before starting my day, but what I expect to bring me joy today is the company of my best friend, the Autistic community connections I’ve made on social media (the only reason I use Facebook with people I haven’t met face-to-face), a great TV series called Legend of the Galactic Heroes, and my favorite stim, tap dancing.

  66. Something happy today was going to the market with my little family and there were no crowds. We ended our trip with a warm, just baked ciabatta roll from the bakery!

  67. My daughter with autism is making me happy today! She’s been going on the potty and has mastered the art of building with legos, just like her older brother! She also ate a new food! So it’s a great day!

  68. What makes me happy today is that my mom is able to get a new car. Brand new, all her own. I think the last really new car she got was back in 1984.

  69. Making me happy today: my kids playing in the sprinkler, my backyard garden, and a get-together with old friends tonight.

  70. I am happy today, daydreaming of when my fiance comes come. I love thinking of the future we hope to have when his working in another state finally ends and we are together again.

  71. I just spent 4 hours out in the garden weeding. It was great to be outside on such a gorgeous day. And I just finished a delicious plant-strong, vegan meal. Feeling blessed.

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