Book Giveaway: Ultraviolet Voices – Stories of Women on the Autism Spectrum

The giveaway is now closed to new entries – winners will be announced soon!


It’s time for another giveaway!

The past few weeks have been really hectic, so no new posts this week but I do have some books to giveaway. Late last year, I was invited by Autism West Midlands to contribute to their anthology Ultraviolet Voices – Stories of Women on the Autism Spectrum (more details about the book). It’s a collection of narratives, each 1 chapter in length, most written by women on the spectrum, meant to shed light on the difficulties related to being seen and understood as an autistic girl or woman. There is also artwork, poetry, an interview and some background research. I’m Chapter 2! 🙂

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I have 5 copies to giveaway and to keep it simple, I’m going to choose 5 random comments from this post. To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post telling me about something that’s making you happy today. That’s it! Everyone is eligible to enter, including international readers. You have until Sunday evening at 5 PM EST.  Ready? Go.

Oh! Wait! I have a question for you all and this seems like a great place to ask it – how many of you would be interested in doing another set of make-our-own survey questions to answer? Kmarie wanted me to do a survey about traveling and a while back someone else suggested a survey on another topic. Maybe it’s time to do another survey series?

174 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: Ultraviolet Voices – Stories of Women on the Autism Spectrum”

  1. Waking up early and walking in the riverfront park by my house, watching the sun peek out over the palm tress and horizon while the light reflected off the serene water like millions of sparkling diamonds.

  2. Something that makes me happy today is a stack of new books and the company of my two kitties. And it’s my long weekend!

  3. I’m so happy today because my son got to play basketball with the University of New Orleans basketball team with the Special Olympics. Seeing that huge smile on his face made my day!

  4. I am happy it is the weekend and I was able to get my kids fishing rods today. We are going to the lake for the 4th of july holiday, they love fishing, and I love to spend time with them.

  5. I am happy to have my daughter home with me today. Just being and doing whatever makes her happy. And I’m happy that there are more Aspie Woman voices being heard. Thank you.

  6. What made me happy today? Work had a better balance of crazy/neutral/nice people, and my boss had the day off. So for the first time in weeks, I didn’t feel at risk of a meltdown at work.

    As for the survey idea, awesome! Surveys are close to forms, which I have always loved filling out (unless it is critical, in which case I stare at them and cower.)

  7. The knowing that I am at to embark on a new chapter of my life, the fact that I am giving myself the opportunity at the age of 27 to let go and embrace my passion of music. I was recently given the opportunity to play keys for a band, to meet other musicians (a scary, yet exciting challenge) as well as vocal mentorship. This has inspired me to take on yet another instrument (Bass). This new direction has given me purpose!

  8. I sat on a bench in my front yard this morning and just quietly watched the squirrels, birds, and flowers. It was so peaceful and I felt happy to be surrounded by nature.

  9. What has made me happy today is that I was able to go to the county fair with my parents and enjoy spending time with them. We were able to catch a motocross competition, belly-dancers, the weather was the best it has been in years! I loved my time with my parents, they are very dear to me.

  10. I am Artistic and I have a boy and girl twins. We can really utilize this book. we are going through so much at the moment. Thank you

  11. Im happy to have today to spend with those I hold dear and most of all Im happy to be ME!

  12. Just looked at the footbal play Nehterlands-Mexico. Eight’ finals. we won, but it was a narrow escape. Almost too much stress to watch the game to the end, (I tried to hide in the bathroom) we won in the last ten minutes from 1-0 behind to 2-1 winning. Oof.

  13. I would like to have a copy of this book called Ultraviolet Voices. I am an Asperger female, and chairperson of the Greek Association of Autistic Asperger and HFA Adults based in Athens, Greece. Thank you!

  14. im so delighted today to know that there is another new book about aspergers syndrome cause im looking for these kind of books and it’s also about adult women!! im sure this will be of great help to all special women out there. hope this will be availabe here in the Philippines. 🙂

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