Big Giant Giveaway: Books, Stim Toys, Chewy Jewelry

It’s been a year since I’ve done a giveaway and to make up for that long gap (and to celebrate the launch of Stimtastic) I’ve decided to give away a whole bunch of things this time.

First,  the rules:

  • To enter, do at least one of the following:
  1. Leave a comment on this post
  2. Reblog the Tumblr post announcing the giveaway
  3. Like or comment on the Facebook page status announcing the giveaway
  • Maximum of 3 entries per person (1 for a comment here, 1 for a reblog on Tumblr, 1 for a comment/like on the Facebook status)
  • The giveaway is open to everyone (over 18 or under 18 with parental permission), including those outside the US.
  • Giveaway ends Monday, November 24th at 11:59 p.m. EST
  • 10 winners will be chosen at random on November 25th. The first winner chosen will get first pick of the items. The second winner can choose from the remaining items and so on. The tenth winner will receive the remaining item.

Good luck!

Giveaway Items:

WINNER: Cecily Shaw 1.  2 Spinner Rings: Arrow and Infinity (your choice of size 6,7,8,9 or 10)


WINNER: Pam Fikter 2. Chewable jewelry necklace and bracelet set #1 (your choice of colors):


WINNER: Daniel Obejas 3. Set of 5 Building Block Highlighters


WINNER: Gallonjug 4. Set of 3 Stim Toys


WINNER: A. M. 5. “Nerdy, Shy and Socially Inappropriate” Book (Your choice of Paperback or Kindle version)


WINNER: xkrisxcross 6. Thinking Putty (Choice of Blue, Green or Lilac) and Gel Ball


WINNER: Leah Kelley 7. Bike Chain Bracelet (Blue/Silver or Black/Silver)


WINNER: BLUE 8. Chewable jewelry necklace and bracelet set #2 (your choice of colors):


WINNER: toxiccanary 9. Dog Fidget Necklace and Paracord Keychain (Your Choice of 4 Colors)


WINNER: Mae 10. “I Think I Might Be Autistic” (Your choice of Paperback or Kindle version)


Also, this will be the last substantial post about Stimtastic here so if you’d like to get notifications of giveaways, contests, etc. in the future, please go ahead and follow the Stimtastic BlogFacebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

194 thoughts on “Big Giant Giveaway: Books, Stim Toys, Chewy Jewelry”

      1. On your next ‘giveaway’, will the rules be anything like: To enter, do at least one of the following:
        1. Leave a comment on this post
        2. Reblog the Tumblr post announcing the giveaway
        3. Like or comment on the Facebook page status announcing the giveaway

        You do know that’s a violation of the ADA, right? Asociality is a feature of Autism, meaning that some Autistic people don’t want Facebook accounts even when they’re set to private. Also, Yapoo updated all its sites last year to make them more accessible to mobile device users, and as a result, nobody with a mobile device can access them unless they also have access to a PC or similar. So that’s Tumblr out of the running.

        1. So they can just leave a comment on the blog instead – kind of like I did, along with lots of others…. What’s the problem with that? I think having three different options is pretty reasonable and inclusive.
          I don’t do Facebook at the mo (and very much because of privacy issues) and I’m really not sure what Tumblr is (though maybe I should find out!) but I’m happy commenting here.
          Personally I’d add 2 extra ‘rules’:
          4, The person entering must be nice
          5, They must write a poem 🙂

        2. I tried to make the giveaway as accessible as possible but no method would be perfect as any form of entry would require some sort of social interaction, even if it was an entry by email or filling out a form or some other private means, I suppose. Personally, I can’t stand Facebook and if I didn’t have to have an account to administer my website pages, I wouldn’t have one at all. But lots of people do use/like it and so I offered that as an option. Same for Tumblr, which I love and use regularly.

          At any rate, the weighted blanket giveaway will be done by private entry on the Stimtastic website to make it easier to manage. Sorting out all of the entries on this giveaway was a nightmare and a half.

  1. Is the parachord keychain chewable? Kiddo likes to chew and has busy hands. Mama wants the infinity ring.

    Will you be offering clothing – like the hug shirts at funandfunction? I’ve got your link on my autistikids website and refer you whenever I see sensory/fidgit questions. 🙂

    1. I wouldn’t recommend chewing on the paracord, because it’s not made for that purpose. Maybe the block necklace? The block moves along the cord and spins, so it could make a good fidget. Unless he wants something he can hold in his hand . . .

      I would love to have some clothing like the hug shirts. Hopefully down the road. My product wish list is very very long. 🙂

  2. Ooh, I love this stuff and would like to enter. I just ordered myself some much-needed things from Stimtastic and will probably get more at some point. I also hope you start carrying more things eventually.

  3. thanks for having a giveaway, and really great timing since it is right before Christmas. I love reading your blog. 🙂

  4. hi-i!
    I’d love to enter, too!
    Finally a Giveaway I can take part in – most of the blogs I follow only do US-Giveaways, which I understand due to the shipping, but which still is sad.

  5. Whee, I love giveaways! And I’ve been admiring everything on your site since it launched… Bought a necklace from you the other day via amazon but I would love to have more things! Thanks for doing this!

  6. Oh – I would love one of those rings! My wedding ring has been spun so much around my finger, that I can’t read the engravings anymore!

  7. These are all wonderful items! Even if I don’t win them, I’m psyched to know what they are. Found the spinner rings through last year & love having them on every day.

    Thanks for your blog – it’s one of my favorite spectrum resources & I refer other people to it whenever they need a smart, credible place to learn. Great work!

  8. Thinking putty! I have been trying to come up with something for one of my high school students, and this is it! Woo-hoo! Thanks.

  9. Finally decided to step out of the shadows where I’ve been lurking to enter the giveaway!

    Love your blog so much, and Stimtastic looks amazing (and the name sounds amazing too…such a great word…) Thank you 🙂

  10. Your giveaway is fantastic!

    I am not entering the action because I have my tangle (textured, primary colours), my squishy ball, and above all, I have my stone. When people ask me why I have the stone in my hand, I tell them where and when I found it. The therapist says that the story of the stone is one that NT’s can relate to and that makes them stop asking questions. That is fine with me. Autistics (aware and unaware, diagnosed and undiagnosed), too, stop asking after that story.

    Did you know that the classic tangle makes a noise? I hear the Expert using it, some sort of clicking noise that tells me about his state of excitement. But so does his ball. I’m just too jumpy about noises of all kinds.

    I just have finished reading your most recent book and I have to admit, even though I have read your blog from start to today, all comments included, two years after diagnosis, I still found something that made me think, that made me look at my world in a new way. There just is no end to discovering the new/old autistic me. And I am not anymore at the stage of trying out what handflapping might do to me in my late fifties, I am not anymore at the stage of allowing myself to handflap in a safe environment, it now comes unasked, in all sorts of environments.

    There is one thing that I would like to point out: daughter and I have run up an allergy to silicone these past years. I guess, the offender that made us hypersensible to the stuff was blisters on feet due to lovely new shoes and the blister mediums (sort of band aid made of silicone, works wonderfully well until…) applied to already broken skin. I asked, because I was experiencing allergy with other silicone stuff too, the doctor and he confirmed that such a thing as silicone allergy existed. It is uncommon, but not unheard of. Broken skin, sweat and other bodily fluids in direct contact with silicone is what I try to avoid now.

    1. That’s good to know about the silicone allergy. I suppose one can be allergic to just about anything. I will keep in mind in case anyone asks about it.

      I didn’t know that the classic tangle makes a noise. I guess that must be similar to the Klixx. I’d never actually had a tangle before this. It’s been so much fun to explore all the different types of stim toys.

      I flapped a little when I read that hand flapping is once again a natural thing for you. The same thing has happened to me and it’s such a joyful change. In fact, I’ve been happy flapping a lot these past couple of weeks. 🙂

      1. Thank you so much for drawing my attention to handflapping!

        It just takes away so much tension that otherwise would continue building up to a point of …. unbearableness, for me and those around me.

        1. I’ve found that I stress flap too – it’s a different motion, tapping my right shoulder with the tips of my right fingers. Useful for relieving stress but also for making me take note of the fact that I’m stressed and check in with myself.

  11. I’m so glad I came across these!!!! They look fantastic, and would probably help my finger-picking problem a great deal 🙂

  12. … when I saw the Thinking Putty it reminded me of Greek ‘Worry’ beads.
    My parents brought them back from Greece where they were stationed in.the Air Force…
    Consummant stimmers those Greeks …lol
    ‘Thinkng’ is a much better term!
    The beads are about a half inch retangular-shaped but very rounded edges – strung a little larger than a bracelet, and with a nice, satiny tassel.
    You might also include some sort of fabric items – texture.
    Satin especially.

    Thank you for this site and these amazing items you’ve made available!

    1. I have Greek worry beads! My daughter brought them back for me when she went on a school trip to Greece in high school. They’re hanging on a nail in my office. 🙂

      You read my mind about the fabric items. I love textured fabrics and have a few things in mind that I would love for someone to be able to make for the store.

  13. Ooh. This is a cool giveaway. I hope I win this; I haven’t much money myself so I don’t have any stim toys heh. But all the best to whoever does win should I not! :))

  14. I already got a bunch of stim toys but I am really interested in the “Nerdy, Shy, and Socially Inappropriate” book. Bios are my favourite thing to read. Please count me in!

  15. Interested in the books, they look very interesting, something to look into for sure. I am so happy you are moving with your new website and building your passion! Congratulations!

  16. I’ve loved the ring and robot necklace I bought, and no one in my house can keep their hands off of the colorful figit macaroni beads!! My whole network has heard rave reviews about Stimtastic!! Bravo and many thanks for the cool, affordably priced figit fun!

  17. as someone who works with children with autism, these are incredible items. it’s been hard to get a couple students to stop putting their hands in their mouths, so those necklaces would be great. i’ll have to look into a couple of these!

  18. I want everything off this site, gosh! I’d love a spinner ring a Tangle Jr. and a thinking putty! The chewing necklaces are super lovely and affordable as well!

  19. Thank you for offering this giveaway. I’ve been scouring stores for gel-like stress balls, and more malleable toys, and your products look ideal.

  20. My beautiful son will really enjoy the fidget jewelry or the bracelet. Thanks for giving us the chance to participate.
    Susy Lopez

  21. This is awesome! I was just diagnosed back in August, and have been looking for decent and inexpensive stim toys ever since. Thank you for doing this!

  22. An Ode to Putty (and other toys)

    It’s sad but I’ve never had putty
    Not even when I was a child
    Maybe my parents thought that having such fun
    Would be too much and just send me wild

    Now books I had in abundance
    And now I have even more
    I arrange them by colour for it makes me smile
    And to leave them would make my brain sore
    (Yes seriously – how can anyone live with messy shelves??)

    I’ve bought a chain bracelet to put on my wrist
    It’s there in a comforting way
    But you know I bought more, from your fabulous store
    And now I just sit here and play!

    Yes I know, I’m just wasted on accountancy 🙂 But it’s a true story nonetheless. And it rhymes like every proper poem should!

          1. Yep that’s fine.
            I’m sitting here, giving myself a round of applause (for no particular reason) with my new flappy hands toy 🙂 Other times it’s very handy (no pun intended!) as a stress flapper to do the same sort of flap (well ish) when I’m sat down that I’d do with my own hands if I was standing up. The chewable necklaces are good for that sort of thing too – I can swing them back and forth to bang my shoulders. Multi-purpose toys – I have them all out on the desk ready to play with 🙂

            1. I’ve scheduled it for tomorrow.

              I have a few toys on my desk at all times too. I’ve been carrying the Klixx all around the house lately. My husband tried to “put it away” the other day and got an earful. 😉

  23. This is awesome and I would love to enter, but I would also like to know if the spinner rings/other metal items are nickel allergy safe?

    1. All of the metal jewelry is made from surgical stainless steel. In researching it, I found that even though it’s listed as nickel-free, some people with a nickel allergy might have a reaction to some types of stainless steel. So I can’t confidently say it’s 100% nickel allergy safe, even though it’s listed as nickel free and hypollergenic by the manufacturer. Have you ever had a reaction to stainless steel in the past?

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